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Garden Centre

Garden Centre – at Paradise Plants Garden Centre. Our team of Designers and the Specialists at Paradise Plants will give you a space you absolutely LOVE. Landscaping and much, much more! At the Garden Centre we offer shrubs, trees, perennials. These include conifers, fruit trees, fruit bushes, hanging baskets and garden ware. In addition to a Garden Centre we offer landscape design and landscaping. We service Comox Valley and, most noteworthy, surrounding communities. Handling projects of all sizes because none are too big or too small. Mini-spaces as much as acreages, we love them all. Projects are quoted once the main design is complete.

Garden Centre

Garden Design and Landscaping

Paradise Plants also installs irrigation systems and sprinklers. We build ponds and wooden garden features. Specialties are: • Ponds & Waterfalls • Patios: Slate ~ Stone ~ Block • Stone & Boulder Features • Garden Walls ~ Alan Block • Xeriscapes ~ Drought Tolerant • Synlawn Synthetic Turf • Trellises ~ Wood Features • Irrigation ~ Sprinkler Systems • Container Gardening. Our landscape team works throughout the year and has been installing gardens since 2002. Furthermore we are the local dealer and licensed installer for Synlawn. The Landscaping & Garden Installation crew installs synlawn because it’s the best synthetic turf available in Canada. In addition it has a Fifteen Year Warranty! Reasons include, first of all • turf looks amazing! • easiest lawn to look after. • another reason – the most realistic synthetic putting surface ever. Especially relevant: tour pros like Phil Mickleson practice on it.

At the Garden Centre we carry a wide selection of plant material. These include: – Fruit trees & Berries – Shade Trees – Japanese Maples – Grasses & Perennials – Conifers & Hedging – Flowering Shrubs – Roses – Hanging Baskets. In addition: – Pottery & Garden Ware – Giftware, finally: – Fertilizers, Soils & more… We love gardens and plants. Most of all we love people. In conclusion, come and browse or bring the kids through our maze.

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Visit the Garden Centre at
2480 Hardy Road,
Courtenay, BC

We are open daily 9 – 5
March 1 – October 31
Stat Holidays 10 – 4

“I just wanted to tell you I am so glad I found Paradise Plants! We came up yesterday browsing around for some magnolias. It was the second time I’ve been there, and first for my husband, and we really enjoyed our experience there with the knowledgeable and friendly staff. We moved to Comox last June from North Vancouver, where I was a landscape designer for 15 odd years and I have found it really frustrating here finding great quality, well priced plant material. Paradise is wonderful, clean, great quality and great selection, not to mention a beautiful space to be in! I’m looking forward to many more visits as we put our new gardens together.”
~ S.W.

Our nursery staff is led by experienced and licensed Horticulturalists who are not only passionate about their own gardens at home, but yours as well. Come and browse or bring the kids through our maze.
We carry a wide selection of plant material including:

For inquiries call (250) 897-3898

Garden Centre Display

Click the image to view our Plant Gallery


We are passionate about roses and grow a selection of reliable David Austins, Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, Grandifloras, Rugosas, Carpets and Climbers. Our inventory is based on our experience of growing in the Comox Valley and changes slightly from year to year based on availability.
Follow our link to current and expected varieties for 2024:    ROSE LIST
Our inventory can change quickly, please call for inventory queries.

For more information on Roses visit Weeks website.

Guide To Rose Care

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Twilight Rose

At the end of March:
Push the mulch away from the heart of your plant. Feed with a granular slow release rose food. You can repeat the slow release food again at the end of June.

Beginning late April:
Use 15-30-15 liquid once a month, two weeks later use 20-20-20. This means twice a month you will be giving a liquid drink. Watch your numbers, ‘Miracle Grow’ does not mean anything to a rose. Finish the liquid fertilizing at the end of August.

At the end of May and the end of July:
Sprinkle a cup or two of Epsom salts around the base of each plant. This helps with the pH of your soil and will give you glossy, healthy leaves. Don’t worry about working it in.

Mid-Late October:
When the weather starts to cool, mulch your roses so that the graft is covered. Our preference is to use manure. This will feed your plant as well as protect it from frost, wind and snow.

Really Cold Climates

I remember my grandfather wrapping his roses in insulation before winter hit Alberta. This leaves you with plants wrapped in insulation…not so pretty but they will be just fine in the spring.

Disease Care

Remove diseased leaves/branches as soon as possible. Do not compost them or leave them as mulch. All rose leaves should be removed in Autumn. Specific diseases require investigation – bring samples of disease/pests to the nursery in sealed Ziploc bags.


Prune your roses lightly in Autumn – 6″ to 18″ at the most. In late March do a hard prune, removing all diseased and crossing branches. A hard prune makes the plant vulnerable to frost damage. Always make sure to prune just above an outward facing branch, preferably one that has five leaves.

Dead Head

This means that once the flowers are finished, prune them off. The more frequently that you prune the flowers, the more opportunity your plant has to produce more flowers.

Repeat Blooming

Not all types bloom repeatedly. Research your varieties before purchasing.


Roses should not dry out but dislike being watered from above – try to water their base only.

Hanging Baskets

Our basket program starts in March of every spring. We create baskets for general sale as well as custom baskets and containers built to our clients’ personal specifications. We have a great selection of unique styles in all sizes. Drop in or call (250) 897-3898 to order your custom made beauties.

Mixed Basket


Guide To Basket and Annual Care

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Normally we water once a day by watering slowly around the perimeter of the container. Moss baskets require side watering as the moss needs to stay hydrated too! On really hot or windy days check your containers as they might need additional hydration.


All baskets are made with a slow release fertilizer and soil that encourages flowering. We recommend that you still fertilize with a liquid 20-20-20 alternating every week with a liquid 15-30-15. This gives your baskets and containers a liquid fertilizer boost every week, which will keep your them glorious well into autumn.


It is really important to remove flowers that have finished blooming. Prune them back lightly either with scissors, or your fingers. Also, if the plants are getting too long (or leggy), give them a bit of a prune so that your basket doesn’t get too wild looking.

Return For Refilling

We encourage you to recycle your containers. We figure that we have kept about five tons of plastic out of the landfill with our recycling program.
Due to disease issues your baskets and containers must be returned to our garden centre EMPTY. We cannot risk infesting our soil with pests or diseases as we are entirely organic and cannot spray away problems. Thank you for understanding.

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