Winter Gardening

Winter Gardening

West Coast snowstorms can be devastating to our precious shrubs and trees. It is recommended to shake or brush your plants off as gently as possible during every snow event until your trees and shrubs are established. Established is when plants are more capable of coping with the weight of snow and ice – when their branches are tougher and less brittle/bendy.

Personally, my garden is nine years old and I still brush my Japanese Maple collection during every snow event. A gentle swish with a nylon broom is all that it takes to secure my beauties and I might do this two to three times a day if required.

What else can you do other than shovel and sweep?

Birds:  the birds need fresh water. Our resident Towhee was trying to chip away at the dog bowl this morning and I realized how tough this winter must be. Our garden is designed to feed the birds during the winter but fresh, daily water is a must going forward.

Seed Catalogues:  need a break from your Netflix binge? Order your seed catalogues and start planning on some veggies and herbs. West Coast Seeds is a favourite BC company, and William Dam Seeds from Ontario have an excellent organic selection. Both have user-friendly websites as well.

When are we opening?  We are here if you need anything, but the doors will be open by the first week of March, unless it snows.

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